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Shaoxing City Hite Leisure Products CO.,ltd. Is specializing in children playing tent, outdoor tent, children sleeping bag shopping basket, storage hamper and so on. The factory established in 2008 and has long-term experience in the products area. We have our own special designer in products and also can make as customized request. In similar products with a strong competitive prices and good service. The clients include some of the most significant brands, specialty and department stores, mail order companies, retailers and importers.
"Honesty, Creative, Serves Attentively!" is our idea! Look forward to cooperate with you and seek common development!

Presidential speech

Thanks the concentric same strength each colleague, is the pursue which we never change course after making a vow and diligently, enables the company to become the colleague enterprise's outstanding person. Thanks for many years the customer to our faith and the support, has caused us to set up the specialty and actual combat's bright individuality in the colleague.
Thanks attention, the care, show loving concern us the expert, professor, the scholar and the people from all walks of life, causes us while provides the high-quality service for the customer, obtains the more powerful.
knowledge assistance. we the deep sensation, the enterprise culture had reflected fully enterprise's core value, is the enterprise management and operation feared has the stratification plane core value highly concise. It take the faith as the core, take realizes the business strategy as the goal, take the management science as the safeguard, lifts a heavy weight as if light, pulls one round to move the whole body. Causes enterprise's core value actuation essential factor clear, the systematization and may carry out, and realizes enterprise's sustained growth through the effective operation - - is our inevitable choice of direction. and the colleague refer to our prospect, everybody thought that passes through the unremitting efforts, our prospect already basically realized.
Will focus in the broader future. But "the accomplishment in one, becomes has the influence specialized factory outstandingly" the prospect, has reflected us fully to the future anticipation prospect hundred time of confidence. is born from the company that day, is shouldering the serious mission, we were expecting also devotes in constructs the company "the outstanding person to pour forth, the groups of heroes gather together" the place, makes a more outstanding talented person to be born from here and creates a more remarkable value. Simultaneously the more creation outstanding value's outstanding person will assemble in our enterprise. I only am a leader, this wild goose team's each people may take the leader, because our mission is clear, the goal is clear, the faith is consistent, creed identical. we hoped for earnestly your presence, describes the cooperation development together the grand blueprint!

Hite Leisure
Shaoxing City Hite Leisure Products CO.,ltd. Is specializing in children playing tent, outdoor tent, children sleeping bag shopping basket, storage hamper and so on... ...
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